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This is the absolute WORST experience I have had with a contractor! I was given a quote, we did a walk through, and a date was scheduled.

I prepared my house for the painters to come and no painters, no call, and now a week behind. Finally the painters did come and informed me they had to up-charge me for work I had discussed with Roger and also needed to up-charge me to remove the wrong paint they (the painters) put over oil base paint and had to scrape off. Instead of Roger or Lisa coming to me, they had the painters come ask for more money. The crew showed up late, left early and was NOT going to meet the deadline for the new carpet.

This is when I learned from Lisa this is a sub-crew and she was unable to tell them when to show up. I too had to manage the crew as neither Roger or Lisa showed up to see they were washing paint brushes in my sinks and leaving stains on the counter tops, painting on old carpet and pulling carpet fibers into the fresh painted walls, spilling paint on carpet that was told to EVERYONE that it was not going to be replaced, getting paint on my mahogany trim that I REPEATEDLY told them to protect. Now, I have paint slopped on my wood trim throughout the house and paint spilled and painted on carpet. I finally had to fire the crew and am needing to hire a new company to sand out all the carpet fibers that were rolled into the walls, replace all the trim as the wrong paint was applied and peeling off in a matter of weeks, and scrape off paint from the base board heaters as the wrong paint was applied and is already coming off.

Roger finally came out AFTER I had to fire his crew (I did give them 3 chances) and wants to "make it right" by sending another team out. What about the damage to my wood, counter-tops, carpet I am not replacing.

Make it right and pay for the damage your team did; however, that is not going to happen according to Roger nor will he make a claim on his insurance. This is going to cost me thousands more than the original project to clean their mess and replace items I had no intention of replacing.

Frustrated2015 wrote the review because of "damage to my property" at Five Star Painting and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $4000 and wants Five Star Painting to "pay for the damage done to my property".

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Unbelievable I heard about your job what a nightmare.

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